Hello There!

Hello Internet!

In this data driven world, there is no shortage of databases in the internet that try to give a holistic picture of everything (take Wikipedia, for instance). But, if you have read my home page, you’ll know that this blog is by no means an attempt to replace any such collection. The aim here is only to solidify the concepts in both my head and hopefully, by doing so, I’ve helped you do it too.

There are multiple ways to get to posts :

  1. Concept Roll : Where all posts are lined latest to oldest.
  2. Concept Trees : Where posts are clustered based on the principles involved.
  3. Search : This is just a good old “Search” where you can quickly find out if what you’re looking for is here.
  4. Categories : This is also a way of clustering, but the only difference is that you don’t immediately see what else is inside.
  5. Tags : Sometimes, some basic principles may be involved in concepts from many different catergories. Tags solve this problem.

Do write back/comment if you agree with something or if you feel something should change. I’m listening to what you’ve got to say!

Have a good time here, and may the force be with you.