[Temp] Action Plan for May 2017

Hello World!

Before you run away thinking this is yet another blog that gets a domain but never kicks off, let me tell you why it’s been dormant for a while, and what I plan to do to start the volcanic activity.

I started this blog to make sure that what learn, I learn right. Just the thought of writing about it led me to think deeper about whatever I was learning (I even got a perfect score in one of the exams as soon as I implemented this idea). But however, like many other things, only when someone actually takes the plunge, they’ll know whether they’ve really learnt swimming, it’s difficult to gauge watching from the shoreline. I understand this, hence, now that my official commitments are not going to be contiguous, I decided I might as well start off from where I left.

Briefly, my action plan is as follows :

  1. Get the first post up and measure how long it takes to produce a good post.
  2. Get three more posts up and keep measuring to get an average time estimate.
  3. Based on estimate and free hours per day, make a detailed list of post topics to cover.
  4. Work to achieve at least 85% of the target by the month end.

Which topics? I’ll try to stick to what I’ve mentioned in the Seeds page.

So that’s that, hope things start shaping up. May the force be with you.