Concept Seeds

On its way are the following posts (not necessarily in this order) :

  • Thermodynamics
    • A very solid and fundamental take on each of its variables.
    • Capturing the essence of each of the laws and other derived (but important) equations.
  • LinearAlgebra
    • What are eigenvalues?
    • What is the fundamental behind orthogonalisation?
  • Dislocations
    • The different parameters used to describe them and the mathematics of their interactions.
  • Magnetism
    • What is it really? Derived from the spin of electrons, the different magnetisms explained.
  • Growth Kinetics
    • Interface-controlled and Diffusion-controlled.
  • Heat Transfer
    • Governing Equations
    • Each of the non-dimensional numbers – Re, Ra, Gr, Pr, Nu, Bi, Fo etc…
    • Different regimes
  • Heat transfer and Momentum transfer combined.
  • Mass Transfer
    • The limitations of the Fick’s Laws and why uphill diffusion is actually still downhill.
  • Solidification
  • Fracture Mechanics
    • Types of fracture and three modes
    • The Stress Intensity Factor (K)
    • Conflict between strength and toughness.

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